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  • See Through Trio
    “See Through Trio’s name is particularly apt, given the uniquely sheer compositional voice of Pete Johnston, the group’s composer and bassist. Its other members - Tania Gill (piano) and Karen Ng (saxophone) have an impeccable ear for restraint and detail, and the tunes themselves often empty out into solos or duets.”
    Nick Storring,
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    “See Through Trio creates quietly involving, thoughtfully deliberated music. It’s a ‘hear through’ trio, one in which every note of Ng’s light, Lee Konitz like alto timbre and Gill and Johnston’s sparse, linear work is in sharp relief.”
    Stuart Broomer,
    The Whole Note
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    "The group name checks Carla Bley and Ornette Coleman as influences, and it's easy to see why when the music on the forty-eight-minute release often sounds like some playful merger of the two. Each musician contributes strongly to the album… and one comes away from the recording hearing it as an explorative conversation of sorts between individuals sensitive to the expressions of those with whom they're conversing."
    Ron Schepper, Textura
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    "See Through Trio take up the challenge of the Jimmy Giuffre 3... Interlocking piano and soprano sax lines knit beautifully with the plucked bass commentary with chamber ensemble clarity and precision. Lines and Spaces is pensive music that unfolds like a lotus on a quiet pond."
    Glen Hall,
    Exclaim! Magazine
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    "[See Through Trio] bring off one of the most difficult ensemble styles in any music – they combine simplicity of line and texture with ensemble improvisation and solos whose transparency make every note count."
    Stephen Pederson,
    The Chronicle Herald, Halifax NS
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    "…the trio members have gifts for melody… and an ensemble cohesion that really shines."
    Graham Pilsworth,
    The Coast, Halifax NS
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    "...Tania Gill, Mark Laver and Pete Johnston extract sounds from every inch of their respective piano, alto sax and double bass for an endlessly inventive and entirely inclusive group improvisation."
    Chris Bilton,
    Eye Weekly, Toronto ON
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  • See Through 5
    “On the thirty-eight-minute Utilities, See Through 5 largely eschew improvisation in favour of through-composition, a move that aligns See Through 5 to prog, post-rock, and krautrock genres. In a typical album track, Johnston and Oelrichs lay down a solid pulse alongside of which Ng, Gill, and Smith engage in complex interchanges with geometric precision.”
    Ron Schepper,
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    Some people’s reaction on hearing the synths and loops of See Through 5 on Utilities might be ‘this is not a jazz album.’ But the virtuoso musicians seem to have cut their improvisations to the bone and turned them into tracks with tunes, or at least music with irresistible hooks.”
    Raul da Gama, The Whole Note
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