Musicianship Exercises: Rhythm

The following 21 rhythm exercises are designed to develop skills in identifying, notating, and performing rhythmic patterns. These examples are in both audio and notation format, and get progressively more difficult.

As a method for improving rhythmic sensitivity, I suggest listening to each example and internalizing the pattern by clapping along with the recording. Following this, transcribe the rhythms in conventional notation.


The notated versions of the exercises can be viewed online by clicking on the images below or downloaded by clicking on the links. I have divided the series into two parts - Part 1 contains examples 1 to 9, and Part 2 examples 10 to 21.
Rhythmic Exercise Part 1:

Download Rhythmic Exercise Part 1
Rhythmic Exercise Part 2:

Download Rhythmic Exercise Part 2


Each recorded example is in either 4/4 or 6/8 time, and has a one bar count-in.